Wisconsin DATCP Pest Bulletin, Nov 9, 2017

Krista Hamilton, Entomologist — Bureau of Plant Industry/Division of Agricultural Resource Management, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

Volume 62 Issue No. 19 of the Wisconsin Pest Bulletin is now available at:

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PLEASE NOTE: This issue completes our 62nd season of reporting prevailing insect and plant disease conditions in the state. The DATCP Pest Survey Program continues to benefit from valuable pest data received from more than 60 cooperators each year. Once again, our sincerest thanks to the many apple growers, farmers, county agents and consultants who contributed their time, expertise, and information to the survey program this year.

HIGHLIGHTS OF 2017:   Corn rootworm beetle counts decrease to 47-year low

FORAGES & GRAINS:  Peak potato leafhopper populations noted in July

CORN: Unusually large black cutworm migration documented in April and May

SOYBEANS:  Soybean aphid survey finds lowest state average population in 17 years

FRUITS: Brown marmorated stink bug detected in more apple orchards this season

VEGETABLES: Late blight confirmed in 13 counties from July-September

NURSERY & FOREST:  New state record for velvet longhorned beetle in WI