Video: Combine Cleaning To Prevent Spreading Weed Seeds

Daniel H. Smith- Nutrient and Pest Management Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Kevin Jarek- Outagamie County, University of Wisconsin- Extension

This 5-minute video demonstrates a top-to-bottom front-to-back procedure for cleaning a combine of plant material. Prior to winter storage a combine needs to be cleaned to prevent spreading weed seeds next season. Weed seeds can be trapped in the biomaterial in many locations on and inside of a combine following harvest season.

A recent video from the Nutrient and Pest Management program details how to clean a combine for weed seed management. Follow the link to watch the video detailing the combine cleaning procedure:


The North Central Region (NCR) Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) Cropping Academy Team members include- Meaghan Anderson, Iowa State University Extension & Outreach Field Agronomist – East Central Iowa; Kevin Jarek, University of Wisconsin Extension Crops, Soils, and Horticulture Agent Outagamie County; Angie Johnson, NDSU Extension Agent Agriculture & Natural Resources Steele County; and Wayne J. Ohnesorg, Ph. D., Nebraska Extension Educator Entomologist- Madison County.