Healthy Grown Series of Videos

A new video series describing the high-bar, certified, nationally recognized “Healthy Grown” sustainable potato production program has been developed and published by the Nutrient and Pest Management Program. “Healthy Grown” has been thriving in advancing innovative, ecologically sound production systems and currently, around 8000 acres of fresh market potatoes are grown under stringent environmental protocols. “Healthy Grown” works to advance growers’ use of biointensive IPM, reduce reliance on high-risk pesticides, and to enhance ecosystem conservation. The following series of videos describe the process and background of the development of “Healthy Grown”, informs details on the standard, and describes the implementation and documentation of improvements for the program.

The series of videos can be linked here:

For background and historical “Healthy Grown” info:

For information on the standard and its requirements:

For details on the implementation and adoption of the high-bar principals:

More details on the science and research background for the program can be found at: and marketing and sales information can be found at:

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