Wisconsin Fruit News- April 20, 2018

Janet van Zoeren and Christelle Guédot, UW-Extension


Welcome back! We’re excited for this third season of the Wisconsin Fruit Newsletter.
Due to popular demand, items in the table of contents (on the left sidebar of the first page of the newsletter) are now are linked to the article, for easy referencing to the section of interest. We will continue to make minor adjustments like this, which will hopefully continue to improve your ease-of-access to the newsletter! Thanks for the feedback and for reading.
We hope you will continue to find useful information here and on our Wisconsin Fruit website (fruit.wisc.edu).
This week you can read about:
  • NEWA weather stations update and applications
  • Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic update
  • Insect pest forecast for 2018
  • Summary of grape disease for the 2017 growing season
  • Apple disease — what to expect after a cold winter and delayed spring