2019 Wisconsin CCA of the Year Open for Nominations

Bryan Jensen, UW Extension and IPM Program

I know and understand there is never a slow time of the year in this business. But is there ever a bad time of the year to recognize an exceptional CCA? Didn’t think so.

The Wisconsin CCA Board will be accepting nominations for the 2019 WI CCA of the Year Award. This award will recognize an exceptional CCA that is highly motivated and a leader in their field. To qualify, a person must be a CCA in good standing (holds a current CCA certification) and have a completed nomination form submitted by the March 1, 2019 deadline.

Customers, employees, colleagues or others associates may nominate a candidate. The selection committee is comprised of current WI CCA Board. Nominations will be evaluated solely on the information provided in the nomination form and accompanying letters of recommendation.

Two letters of reference are required along with a completed Nomination Form. Pay close attention to indicated character limits for each question. Electronic submissions are preferred but not required. Nomination criteria, Tips and a Nomination Checklist should help with preparation.

For questions or comments please contact Bryan Jensen, bmjense1@wisc.edu.