Can I Use Corn or Soybeans as a Cover Crop on Prevented Plant Acres?

Paul D. Mitchell, Extension State Specialist in Cropping Systems and Environmental Management, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics

As many Wisconsin farmers are taking prevented plant payments for their insured corn or soybeans acres, they are asking what they can use for cover crops on these acres. Traditional cover crop seed is hard to find this year with all the prevented plant acres in the region and farmers already have corn and/or soybean seed. Thus the question: Can I use corn or soybeans as a cover crop on prevented plant acres? The short answer is yes, but only if planted sufficiently late and if the cover crop is never harvested for grain, seed or silage/green chopped, even after November 1. Note that a cover crop can be grazed, baled for hay or baled for straw/stover for bedding, including a corn or soybean corn crop, but only after November 1. This bulletin provides guidance to farmers, examining at three options. Continue Reading

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