Combine Cleaning Clinic

An upcoming field day on July 16th at the Marshfield Ag research station (MARS) in Stratford will provide insight into limiting the spread of weed seeds. The field day will start with Dr. Rodrigo Werle (UW-Madison and Extension Cropping Systems Weed Scientist) and Nick Arneson (UW-Madison Outreach Specialist, Cropping Systems Weed Science Program) will be discussing weed seed production, viability, and the spread of common weeds. Then there will be a demonstration of how to clean a combine to limit the spread of weed seeds by Dan Smith (Southeast Regional Specialist, Nutrient & Pest Management Program, UW-Madison). The field day will being at 1:00 pm and conclude by 4:00 pm. The field day is free. For additional details please contact Ashley (Lorence) Blackburn (North Central Regional Specialist, Nutrient & Pest Management Program, UW-Madison) at 608-381-6702. Please see the attached flyer for more information.