Wisconsin Pest Bulletin, June 20, 2019

Krista Hamilton, Entomologist, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

Volume 64 Issue No. 08 of the Wisconsin Pest Bulletin is now available at:


  • LOOKING AHEAD:  True armyworm larvae appearing in cornfields
  • FORAGES & GRAINS: Above-threshold potato leafhopper counts noted in a few fields
  • CORN: Corn rootworm egg hatch underway
  • SOYBEAN: Soybean aphids found in Columbia and Sauk counties
  • FRUITS: First spotted wing drosophila flies captured this week
  • VEGETABLES: Squash vine borer moths likely to begin flying next week
  • NURSERY & FOREST: Boxwood blight and jumping worm updates
  • DEGREE DAYS: Growing degree day accumulations as of June 19, 2019

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