A “Post-Mortem” of the 2019 Corn Planting Season and What We Can Do About It

Dr. Joe Lauer, UW-Madison Agronomy and Extension State Corn Specialist

The Kernels:

  • The 2019 planting season was “unprecedented.”
  • Harvest season will be extended this year. Corn maturity is all over the board due to late planting, and within field variability is equally as great.
  • Dairy farmers will have to work closely with their custom choppers and let them know when the field was planted, when it silked, the current stage of development, and what the moisture is.
  • Note silking dates to project calendar days to when a field will mature. Note order that fields silk to plan the harvest queue. It will take approximately 42 to 47 days to get to 50% kernel milk, and 55 to 60 days to get to black layer.

To read the 2 page Agronomy Advice fact sheet, click this link, http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/AA/pdfs/A131.pdf