Wisconsin Pest Bulletin, August 8, 2019

Krista Hamilton, Entomologist, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

Volume 64 Issue No. 15 of the Wisconsin Pest Bulletin is now available at: 08-08-19.pdf

I N S I D E  T H I S  I S S U E

LOOKING AHEAD:  Late blight confirmed in La Crosse and Portage counties

FORAGES & GRAINS:  High potato leafhopper pressure continues

CORN:  Peak flight of western bean cutworm moths reached in central WI

SOYBEAN:  Green cloverworm larvae abundant in some soybean fields

FRUITS:  Brown marmorated stink bug captured on orchard traps

VEGETABLES:  Cabbage looper populations high this season

NURSERY & FOREST:  Viburnum leaf beetle adults appearing in Milwaukee area

DEGREE DAYS:  Growing degree day accumulations as of August 7, 2019