New video: White Mold on Soybean, Symptoms and Management Options

Damon Smith, Extension Field Crops Pathologist, Department of Plant Pathology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

In this video, Dr. Damon Smith with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, discusses white mold on soybean. The growth and pathogenic activity of the white mold fungus is particularly favored by dense soybean canopies created by planting in narrow row widths, high seeding densities, early planting, high soil fertility and other factors that promote plant health.

Read below for links to resources and a free management app. Also visit Damon’s website at

For in depth management, refer to “Pest Management in Wisconsin Field Crops” UW-Madison Extension bulletin

Sporecaster, Soybean White Mold Forecaster, app tutorial. A free smartphone application designed to help farmers predict the need for a fungicide application to control white mold in soybean during flowering.

Combine Cleaning checklist and demo video –