Weather Update 2019

Dr. Joe Lauer, UW-Madison Agronomy and Extension State Corn Specialist

View the latest weather summary for 2019 and the Normal (30 previous years – 1989 to 2018) at Arlington and Marshfield from April 1 to September 3.

Note: A predictive corn GDU model was added to the Arlington and Marshfield graphs (bottom right). The graph describes the number of GDUs remaining to achieve R5 and R6 before a killing frost. If average GDUs accumulate normally, then corn (105 d RM = full-season) planted at Arlington prior to June 1 should achieve the R5 stage before an average killing frost. At Marshfield, corn (95 d RM = full-season), GDU accumulation has been slower than normal for all planting dates, except July 1. Corn planted prior to June 1 should achieve the R5 stage by a killing frost.

You can also download graphs for the current year and other years at Links to current and previous season weather summaries are located on the left of the web page.