Wisconsin Fruit News Vol. 4, Issue 12

Christelle Guedot, Fruit Crop Entomology and Extension Specialist, Wisconsin-Madison Fruit Program

This week in fruit news:

Fruit quality data Brix and TA from berries sampled from the West Madison Agricultural Research Station (WMARS) in Madison, WI, as of September 10th.

Reports have come in that low to large levels of codling moth and moderate levels of apple maggot were caught in monitoring traps this week.

As harvest time approaches, we have noticed a sudden shriveling of berries and wilting of clusters. Read more in Berry Shriveling in grapes: Late Bunch Stem Necrosis.

Updates from the UW-Madison, Division of Extension Insect Diagnostic Lab.

MSU is still collecting grape powdery mildew samples.

Peninsular Agricultural Research Station Vineyard Scouting Report.

Grape Scouting Report: Not much to report but be on the lookout for multicolored Asian lady beetles and wasps.

Door County Fruit Crop Pest Report, September 9, 2019.

Grape Variety Fruit Maturity Evaluation – September 4, 2019