Wisconsin Fruit News, Vol. 4 Issue 13

Christelle Guedot, Fruit Crop Entomology and Extension Specialist, Wisconsin-Madison Fruit Program

Apple maturity levels are running 6-8 days later than normal due to cool, wet weather at the Peninsular Agricultural Research Station.

Heavy rains during the weekend of 9/21 resulted in a significant increase of berry splitting for cultivars Petite Pearl and Crimson Pearl at the West Madison Agricultural Research Station.

Heavy rains also led to lower Brix readings, especially in Frontenac. See more in the Grape Variety Fruit Maturation Evaluation.

Grape Scouting Report: Social wasps started showing up to take advantage of sugar in grapes.

The Door County Report: When testing for apple maturity, it is important not to go by color alone this year, because color is developing faster than the apples are maturing.

Field Trial on Lure Longevity: Researchers examined trap-catches from 2- and 4-week-old lures to test whether older lures could provide comparable trap-counts to younger lures.

Berry splitting in Crimson Pearl after heavy rains. Photo by Andi Nelson