Yield and Quality of July Planted Corn

Dr. Joe Lauer, UW-Madison Agronomy and Extension State Corn Specialist

The Kernels

  • Corn has two peaks in forage quality: one at pollination and one at 50% kernel milkline.
  • Bareness generally reduces yield and grain content resulting in increased fiber content, but this is often accompanied by lower lignin production that increases fiber digestibility. Also, the forage has higher sugar content, and higher crude protein than normal corn silage.
  • Relatively small changes (5 to 8% decrease) in forage quality (Milk per ton) occurs with July planting dates compared to corn planted April 28 to June 1.
  • Milk per acre of July planting dates decreased 17 to 92% to levels ranging from 2,300 to 24,000 lbs milk/ A.

To read the full Agronomy Advice fact sheet, click this link, http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/AA/pdfs/A134.pdf