Latest four videos on the NPM/IPM channel

The UW-Madison IPM/NPM video channel regularly posts educational videos for Wisconsin agriculture to view online. The channel hosts over 125 videos that have been viewed over 1.5 million times. Here are the latest subjects, with links below.

  • Interseeding Cover Crops
  • Research and Demonstration Plots for Producer-led Watershed Groups
  • Herbicides and Cover Crops
  • Waterhemp Seed Dispersal

Interseeding Cover Crops

Daniel H. Smith, Nutrient and Pest Management Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison, talks about interseeding research results. He discusses how he successfully used a modified notill drill for corn, and why soybeans provided too much shade to be successful.

Research and Demonstration Plots for Producer-led Watershed Groups

If a demonstration plot is not replicated, or results are not repeatable, it should not be used to base agronomic recommendations on. Smith talks about how university research plots work and where to get help. A research plot is replicated for statistical analysis. Results and treatments are repeatable over multiple years, and can be expected to give similar results on producers’ farms.

Herbicides and Cover Crops

Dan Smith talks about herbicides and cover crop issues such as rotational restrictions, crop insurance, persistence and carryover, weed resistance, and termination.

Waterhemp Seed Dispersal

According to a UW-Madison Agronomy survey, waterhemp has become the most concerning weed species in Wisconsin row crop production. How do waterhemp seeds get to the fields, and how can one prevent them from spreading? Here is a look at how seeds spread by lack of combine cleaning, by waterfowl movement, and by the seed/feed/bedding used on a farm. Smith talks about the cost in yield loss, and how to prevent these ways that seeds spread.