Six New Weed Identification Factsheets Online

Mark Renz UW Madison Professor and Extension Specialist (

Identification of weeds is a critical first step to management. This past winter/spring we have created new factsheets to assist with identification for some of Wisconsin’s common and not so common weed species. While this series was initiated in 2017 with 10 species, we will be releasing 18 more species based on emergence timing in Wisconsin this spring.

These factsheets are formatted to provide a reminder of what these species look like and be a resource to differentiate the weed species of interest with look alikes. The new species are common burdock, common ragweed, curly dock, giant ragweed, hoary alyssum, and horseweed.  All species will be listed here.

Echinochola crus-galli, barnyardgrass

biennial thistle comparison

Artemisia biennis, biennial wormwood

Cirsium vulgare, bull thistle

Arctium minus, common burdock*

Stellaria media, common chickweed

Ambrosia artemisiifolia, common ragweed*

Rumex crispus, curly dock*

Galinsoga quadriradiata, galinsoga

Ambrosia trifida, giant ragweed*

Berteroa incana, hoary alyssum*

Conyza canadensis, horseweed*

Carduus nutans, musk thistle

Amaranthus palmeri, palmer amaranth

Carduus acanthoides, plumeless thistle

Amaranthus tuberculatus, waterhemp

Polygonum convolvulus, wild buckwheat