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2015 Training Schedule, Registration Available:

Looking to participate in a training / review session? Registration is now open for the 2015 Training season. To register click PAT Store and then select category.
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Questions about training? Call us at (608) 262-7588 or email us at

We Provide:

  • Manuals for training you to become a Wisconsin-certified pesticide applicator
  • Supplementary training aids, such as review sessions and DVD’s
  • Fact sheets to help you comply with complicated pesticide regulations

Test Only:
Bought the manual, studied up and ready to schedule an exam at The Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection? [Yes I am] PAT trainings include the test, but you can schedule a test with The Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection without going to a training.

A lot of changes have occurred in the Soil Fumigation Category. The UW PAT Program has developed a free online tutorial to help.
[Check it Out]:

Posting Tool [Let’s Go]:

When using a pesticide it is very important that people around the treated area are aware that a pesticide has been applied.  Posting signs after pesticide applications are required by law in certain situations.  This tool will help guide you to which signs you must post, where, when and who is responsible for posting.

Do you use pesticides around the house?  Maybe you do and don’t even know it.
[Check it Out]:

Pesticides are often used around the house.  Ant bait, the dog’s flea collar, the toilet bowl cleaner, these all use pesticides that can be found around the house.  If you want to know more about these pesticides used around the home, there is now a free training page for YOU!  To take a look click “Check it out” above.

Like to read on your computer?

PAT is now offering electronic versions of the following manuals: Aquatic & Mosquito (Category 5.0), Turf & Landscape (Category 3.0.), Right of Way (Category 6.0), Field & Vegetable (Category 1.1), Soil Fumigation (Categories 25/107), Chemigation (Categories 26/109) Fruit Crops (Category 1.2), Forestry (Category 2.0), Greenhouse & Nursery (Category 3.1), and Aerial Application (Categories 9.9/111).  These are PDF’s with interactive chapters lists and glossaries.  Manuals are still being offered in Print, but now you have a choice.  When you buy one you will be emailed your manual and a training certificate will follow in the mail so you can take the test with DATCP (Commercial).  If you do not receive the email within two days please check your spam folder or contact us at the PAT Program.

Revised for 2015…

Base Commercial Category Aquatic and Mosquito (6.0), Seed Treatment (4.0),  and Antifouling Paints (5.1).

Manual Covers_Aquatic-01 Manual Covers_Seed Treatment-01 Manual Covers_Antifouling Paints-01    




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