2020 Considerations for Cover Crop Termination

Rodrigo Werle, University of Wisconsin-Madison Cropping Systems Weed Scientist and Extension Specialist

The adoption of cover crops in corn-soybean production systems can help growers improve cropping system resiliency to extreme weather events, improve soil conservation and health, and slow the evolution of weed herbicide resistance. To get the most out of cover crops prior to corn and soybean establishment, growers should have a sound termination plan in mind to maximize cover crop benefits and successful establishment of the following cash crop.

Subjects covered in the full article (linked below):

  • Cover Crop Termination with Herbicides
  • Considerations for Herbicides following Cover Crop Termination
  • Using a Roller-Crimper for Termination
  • Nebraska and Wisconsin Planting Green Cover Crop Survey

 Click here to view the article. It’s about a 10 minute read.


  • Kolby Grint (UW-Madison Weed Science Graduate Student)
  • Dan Smith (UW NPM Southwest Wisconsin Regional Specialist)
  • Nicholas Arneson (UW-Madison Weed Science Outreach Specialist)
  • Ryan DeWerff (UW-Madison Weed Science Research Specialist)
  • Shawn Conley (UW-Madison Extension Soybean and Small Grain Specialist)
  • Rodrigo Werle (UW-Madison Extension Cropping Systems Weed Scientist)