Soybean field soil health survey underway

Shawn P. Conley, Soybean and Wheat Extension Specialist, and Lindsay Chamberlain, Department of Agronomy, University of Wisconsin

Consider sending soil samples to determine if Soil Health Predictors really matter in soybean! The project uses four soil health measures that center on both soil carbon and nitrogen stocks: Permanganate Oxidizable Carbon (PoXC), Mineralizable Carbon, Potentially Mineralizable Nitrogen (PMN), and Autoclave Citrate Extractable Protein (ACE Protein). These four measures are relatively inexpensive, and can be conducted on dried, stored samples. Additionally, these measurements were chosen as estimators of soil health that are likely to relate to crop performance.

The survey is recruiting growers with a variety of management practices, from all over Wisconsin. Click to view the protocol! Does Soil Health Really Matter in Soybean?