Vegetable Crop Updates Newsletters 23, 24, 25

Amanda Gevens, Associate Professor & Extension Specialist, Potato & Vegetable Pathology, Plant Pathology Department

In this issue I address potato and late blight, early blight, and cucurbit downy mildew updates.

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In this issue we address updates in potato production research, and disease information for potato, tomato, and cucurbits.

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We’ll be winding down with our weekly newsletters. Typically, once we make it to October, we issue newsletters every other week, or as needed to share important updates and information. We will use this forum to communicate grower meeting modes and methods of access. Thank you for your continued interest in and support of this newsletter through 2020. It has been an atypical year, in so many ways, but working in agriculture has helped to make it feel more ‘normal’ and productive.

In this issue I address potato and tomato late blight and cucurbit downy mildew updates.

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