WDATCP Wisconsin Pest Bulletin, 2020 Summary

Krista Hamilton, Entomologist, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

This final Wisconsin Pest Bulletin of 2020 provides a post-growing season summary of prevailing insect and plant disease conditions in the state. Once again, thank you to the many cooperators, growers, county agents and consultants who contributed their time and valuable information to the Pest Survey Program this year.


  • Pest Highlights of 2020: Invasive lily leaf beetle documented in eight more counties
  • Forages & Grains: Alfalfa weevil and potato leafhopper pressure mostly low in 2020
  • Industrial Hemp: Results of DATCP’s first official hemp insect and disease survey
  • Corn: Corn rootworm populations increase to highest level in five years
  • Soybean: Low soybean aphid counts found in the majority of fields sampled
  • Fruits: Black stem borer beetles captured in 52 apple orchard traps set this season
  • Vegetables: Tomato ringspot virus, late blight and other vegetable disease reports
  • Nursery & Forest: Noteworthy finds from this year’s nursery inspections
  • Degree Days: Growing degree-day accumulations January 1 through November 10

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