Chlorpyrifos: the final chapter

Bryan Jensen, Dept of Entomology, UW-Madison

This appears to be the final chapter for chlorpyrifos, the active ingredient in Lorsban and several other generic and packaged products. EPA has announced all tolerances for chlorpyrifos on food and feed will be revoked 6 months after final publication in the federal register. A tolerance is the maximum level of a pesticide that is legally allowed in or on raw agricultural commodities and process foods. Without a tolerance or exemption form a tolerance, pesticide residues in or on food is considered unsafe. To be clear, no uses of chlorpyrifos will be allow after the six-month grace period.

What does this decision mean for commodities treated with chlorpyrifos that are currently stored or crops that have been treated this current growing season and unharvested? If a residue is present as the result of a lawful application under FIFRA prior to tolerance revocation that product will be not considered adulterated.

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