Wisconsin Waterhemp Herbicide Resistance Project

Rodrigo Werle, Assistant Professor & Weed Specialist, Department of Agronomy, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2021 Wisconsin Waterhemp Herbicide Resistance Project (2,4-D, dicamba & glufosinate)

Earlier this year we received a few complaints regarding lack of performance of dicamba (XtendiMax, Engenia, Status), 2,4-D (Enlist One) and/or glufosinate (Liberty) on POST control of waterhemp in corn and soybean fields in Wisconsin.

We invite Wisconsin farmers and agronomists to collect waterhemp seeds this fall from their row crop production fields where one of these three herbicides failed to provide effective POST control and submit them to UW-Madison for herbicide resistance screenings. There is no cost associated to the herbicide resistance screening.

You will find links to a PDF seed collection form and a waterhemp survey at the link below.

Read the blog post on the UW Weeds Science site >>> https://www.wiscweeds.info/post/2021-wisconsin-waterhemp-herbicide-resistance-project-2-4-d-dicamba-and-glufosinate/