NCSRP Soybean Producer Survey

Shawn Conley, State Soybean and Small Grains Specialist

We are working on collecting information from farmers with the objective to develop a new online cropping system optimization decision tool that uses the data collected in the survey. You are likely asking so what’s in it for me!

By providing your field data, you can contribute to the development of a cropping system optimization decision tool. The more data we collect, the more accurate the tool will be. Following development, the publicly-available tool will allow growers to drop a pin in a field, enter input variables, and receive crop management decision help directly and through online scouting tools such as Sporecaster and Tarspotter. The tool will provide insights for best management practices in your fields that can help increase yield and profit. Individual reports will be available along with collaborative tools to share information with other growers. Below please see more information about the program on our portal information link or click below to begin to take the survey!

This survey is intended to collect information pertaining to field characteristics and production/yield from soybean fields in the Midwest United States. The survey is broken down into sections, and we ask that you provide as much information as possible. Results from this survey, coupled with environmental variables will be used to analyze and model productivity at a farm-specific scale. Unless otherwise specified, all questions pertain to the 2021 season. All data collected for this survey is confidential and anonymous.

Web Based Survey Portal Information and Link

NCSRP Soybean Producer Survey (