Wisconsin Winter Wheat Performance Trials 2022

Shawn P. Conley, Soybean and Wheat Extension Specialist, University of Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Winter Wheat Performance Trials are conducted each year to give growers information to select the best-performing varieties that will satisfy their specific goals. The performance trials are conducted each year at four locations in Wisconsin: Arlington, Chilton, Fond du Lac, and Waterloo. Trials include released varieties, experimental lines from university breeding programs and lines from private seed companies. The primary objective of these trials is to quantify how varieties perform at different locations and across years. Growers can use this data to help select which varieties to plant; breeders can use performance data to determine whether to release a new variety.

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Thanks to Shawn Conley, Adam Roth, John Gaska, Brian Mueller, Damon Smith, and Mimi Broeske