Will My Wheat and Soybean Crop Freeze

Shawn P. Conley, Soybean and Wheat Extension Specialist, University of Wisconsin

Well folks its the end of May and frost is in the air. I figured we would be getting some questions about the impact of the predicted cold temperatures on the wheat and soybean crop. Here is my coolbean take!

First lets start with the wheat crop, which in WI ranges from boot to anthesis. Cold temperature would need to reach 30 degrees F or less for 2 plus hours before injury occurred. I just don’t see that happening in any major wheat growing region in WI this week.

Now let’s talk about soybean. I am also optimistic that if the forecast temperatures hold, the soybean crop will in fact be #COOLBEANS, but also unaffected. My optimism lies in the knowledge I received in an email from Dr. Jim Specht from UNL a few years ago. For the most-part, farmers and their soybeans in WI fall within the context of this email. Click here to continue reading on the Coolbean website…