Wisconsin Fruit News, 6-10-22

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UW-Madison/Extension Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic (PDDC) Update June 10, 2022



In 2022, the PDDC continues to provide diagnoses through examination of digital photographs, as well as physical samples.  Click here for the PDDC’s current submission […]


Wisconsin Fungicide Update 2022



This article provides some recent updates on fungicides currently registered for fungal disease control in cranberry. Specific usage instructions such as rates, timing, and precautions […]


Update from the Wisconsin Cranberry Research Station



Well it’s been a cold last couple of weeks with not a lot of plant movement. What a difference from last year when I was […]


Genetic Fingerprinting at the Wisconsin Cranberry Research Station: Part 2



After the cultivars present in each bed at the newly-dedicated Wisconsin Cranberry Research Station were fingerprinted and named (see CCMJ 35.2), Dr. Zalapa’s lab was […]


Grower Update: Vilas 51



Welp, she’s been a chilly start to the growing season! Between running long nights of frost, rain days and the gosh darn hurricane force winds […]


Vegetative Side Shoots 



Following spring hailstorms, many growers throughout Wisconsin are observing vegetative side-shoots on uprights. In many cases the uprights that exhibit later shoots also have an […]


Leafhoppers Are Starting To Show Up



In the last couple of weeks, we have detected, at several marshes, the presence of very small leafhopper nymphs that are most likely blunt nosed […]


Grower Update: Flying Dollar Cranberry



Well we have had our first couple of applications with the boom already. It’s hard to find some dry weather between all these rain days […]


Neopestalotiopsis, an Emerging Concern in Strawberry Production



This article was initially run in the Wisconsin Fruit Newsletter in April 2021. After a particularly hot, humid, and rainy month of May in Wisconsin, […]


Notes From the Field: A Grower’s Perspective – Steve Louis Chat #4



Hello Wisconsin Fruit News subscribers, and welcome back to Notes from The Field: A Grower’s Perspective. This week Steve and I had our fourth chat […]


UW-Madison/Extension Insect Diagnostic Lab Update June 2, 2022



Caseload at the UW Insect Diagnostic Lab (IDL) has greatly increased over the last two weeks and is now at levels of a typical busy […]


PARS Phenology Report June 2, 2022



Marquette and Itasca grapes are both at about 3-5” of growth. Zestar is entering post bloom while McIntosh, Honeycrisp, and Cortland are all just exiting […]


Watch for Grape Phylloxera Galls



The first galls caused by grape phylloxera (GP; Figure 1) were observed this week at the WMARS and it is recommended to start scouting for […]


Watch for Thrips on Berry Plants



Eastern flower thrips (ETF; Fig 1) have been reported at one of our strawberry research sites in Dane county. As mentioned in our last issue […]

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