Participate in Cover Crop On-Farm Research, Starting this Fall!

Are you a COVER CROPPER? Do you grow SOYBEAN AND CORN in rotation? Want to host interesting ON-FARM RESEARCH?

The UW BeanTeam in collaboration with Dr. Damon Smith, Dr. Rodrigo Werle, the Division of Extension, and the NPM program is looking for farmer collaborators to conduct cover crop research: Please click to view information on this project entitled: Determining the Utility of Cover Crops in optimized soybean systems for Sequestration of Carbon

We are recruiting growers for on-farm research starting in the fall of 2022! We are looking for dedicated cover crop farmers to help our research effort!

Our Objectives

  • Test “planting green” in field-scale plots
  • Look at the relationship of cover crop stand variability and soybean yield
  • Develop site specific cropping system management recommendations that incorporate a forever green approach

Want to Participate?

Our requirements are:

  1. Active cover cropper
  2. Grow corn and soybean in rotation
  3. Willingness to share management & yield data
  4. Allow us to take measurements and data from your field over two rotation cycles (5 years)
  5. Ability to plant and terminate rye & legume cover crops
  6. Large enough field to accommodate 4 treatments with field size equipment
  7. Start this fall (2022) by planting a rye cover crop in standing or harvested corn for grain or silage

Determining the Utility of Cover Crops in Optimized Soybean Systems for Sequestration of Carbon

We will provide an honorarium and assistance with cover crop seed sourcing!

Please contact us and we’ll talk over the logistics.

Contact John Gaska

This is a joint project of UW-Madison Agronomy, the Nutrient and Pest Management Program, and Extension Funding provided by the soybean checkoff through the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board.